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Netflix for wine, in Asia
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It's often hard for consumers in Asia to pick or enjoy a wine, due to the culture and language barrier. We try to address that problem.

With our software background, we're going to build out web and mobile applications that help users exploring the world of wine and their taste, choosing wines for different scenarios like celebrations, or guiding them through their journey in different wine varieties. Our technology expertise also make it possible to build out a personalized wine recommendation engine with data analysis.

The storefront provides interactive quiz to gather data for user preferences and provides visualized information for each wine. We also have pieplines collecting data from our blog, social media and in future purchase history or UGC, besides standard GA/FB pixels. On our roadmap we will be building apps that are focusing on lead generation, all these helps us to create very personalized suggestions and Ads for user, increasing loyalty and conversion rate.

We're young digital natives from Asia with experience in startups. We don't have resources or titles matching big corps, but we do have passionate talents working in an open and creative environment. We look for who are excited at zero to one and it's about ownership and potential. 

We strive to make wine more approachable and enjoyable with best technology, design and marketing.


Hong Kong
Taipei City, Taiwan

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